Three simple steps…

1 – Form a virtual ‘team’ – as many or few members as you want
2 – Spread the message – you’re birding on Race Day 2020 to help save Steppe Eagles
3 – Do some birding* on Race Day (March 31st – or as near as you can) 

*NB please be responsible and follow local COVID-19 guidelines to the letter – if you can’t get out on the patch, birding from the garden or window is great!

It’s that easy! A bit more detail:

There’s no pressure to ‘traditionally’ fundraise, just to make a final push towards our collective target. So it’s important to flag up why you’re doing it, and that people can support you by donating to the COTF20 Just Giving page – . You can ask them to write a message with their donation if you want – e.g “To the Sandpipers – great work! From Donald T”. If you want to set yourself a modest target, by all means, please do so!

Social media and publicity
All tweets and FB posts should include #COTF20 – otherwise we won’t find you and be able to boost the signal!
Please also try and include #SteppeUpforEagles #FlywayFamily

On the Day
Go birding! This can be for an hour, for the day, or for 24 hours – make your own rules, parameters, and story. BUT, be sure to strictly observe coronavirus protocol wherever you are – if you can physically distance safely (and it’s legal to) on the local patch, great – if not, your garden or window are more than fine!

All we need as a collective is for everyone to facebook post, tweet and publicise the hell out of it! Video messages – anytime, but especially from the field on the day – would be really great!

You don’t need to be together – in fact, team members birding in different places just helps spread the message wider!

What better way to turn the chaos into something joyful and meaningful – go birding, beat the isolation blues, raise money and awareness for a vital conservation cause!


Why Steppe Eagles? An overview HERE

What will the funds will pay for? See HERE

Champions Of The Flyway 2020 – STEPPE UP FOR EAGLES!


Will you be a Flyway Champion and help save Steppe Eagles? DONATE HERE!

Champions of the Flyway is now a well known fund- and awareness-raising event in global birding and conservation circles. Since our humble beginnings back in 2014, we’ve raised over $500,000 for bird conservation, mainly for projects tackling the illegal killing of birds migrating along the flyways. Over the past six years we’ve shed light on the many challenging issues migratory birds face, helping seven different Birdlife International partners in their ongoing struggle against the slaughter of migrants on the ground.

In 2020, Champions of the Flyway is spreading its wings once again, and answering a call from the wilds of Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan – the call of the majestic but tragically fast-declining Steppe Eagle.

These beautiful, iconic birds of prey, once widespread and common throughout their range, are now classed as Globally Endangered by the IUCN, who estimate there may now be as few as just 50,000 mature individuals left on the planet. Their plight is shocking and urgent – but, with enough support and help, it is reversible….

Champions of the Flyway is therefore dedicating its 2020 campaign to helping our Birdlife Partners in Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan reverse the fortunes of this magnificent species, where no less than 80% of the global population breed. In an incredibly fitting parallel, 80% of the global population migrate through Israel every spring on their way to the remote steppes and savannas – so our 2020 teams will be literally seeing what they save, and saving what they see! (Thinking of entering a team? Click here!)

Фиксация погибших птиц

Steppe Eagles are unique in their breeding habits, and of the challenges that face them, two are particularly severe – collisions with powerlines and fires. Our local Birdlife partners have worked hard to produce a suite of tangible solutions, from surveys identifying the worst-affected breeding grounds, to planning and working with energy companies, to implementing preventative and mitigation measures, to national publicity awareness campaigns and much more – and we are absolutely honoured to be carrying (and shaking!) the can on their behalf. Donate here!

This may be a slightly different project compared to previous campaigns, but we feel that the Flyway Family can to step up where we are needed the most, and Steppe Eagles need our urgent help, sooner rather than later. We are eternally grateful to our supporters over the years, but we need you more than ever to help protect and save this majestic traveller, such a symbol of the epic avian migrations between Africa and Eurasia that unite our continents and cultures.


A bird race with a difference:

  1. We celebrate the miracle of migration and the joy of sharing outstanding birding experiences
  2. We operate on a global scale.  Millions of birders from every corner of the world participate – whether bird-racing, fund-raising, spreading the word  following events live online.
  3. Teams generate funding that results in direct conservation action for birds on the Mediterranean flyway and beyond

As race teams post their adventures in real time, anyone, anywhere in the world can follow the race live on Twitter, Facebook or on this website, participating virtually and cheering their favourite team on to victory…

In concert with The Eilat Bird Festival

לוגו-פסטיבלאילת-נקיוגדול_1430237748The Champions of the Flyway bird race is staged as part of the Eilat Bird Festival by The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (BirdLife’s national Partner in Israel) and is a BirdLife International Migratory Birds & Flyways Programme initiative.

Everyone can be a Flyway Champion! Here’s how:

Enter a team

Champions teams come from many different backgrounds, countries and cultures and the race is open to all who register. The whole event, including the white-knuckle adventure of the race itself, is incredibly inspiring and great fun – and you’ll be raising money to save the very birds you travel to see! If you’d like to join us in Eilat this spring, don’t delay – now is the time! Places are limited so you need to register now.….

Sponsor a team

Many of our race teams enjoy the support of commercial sponsors. Some participants are young birders with limited resources, others are would-be fundraisers from small, cash-strapped non-profit organisations. All could really use your support as a team sponsor! If you are interested in providing them a leg up please contact us here. 

Make a donation

Every team that participates raises conservation funding from their friends and contacts. Here are the team pages where you can see who is racing, who you might like to support and how to make a donation to their fundraising page. All teams are in competition to see who will raise the most to stop the illegal killing of birds.

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook   #COTF20

Together we make a real difference for the birds of the Mediterranean flyways and beyond – join the Champions family and help us turn the tide!

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